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1 comments: .Net magazine: advises users to "lick" the optimise button
1 comments: ABC News: juxtaposes product recall story with "Ask your doctor about... what Vioxx can do for you"
2 comments: Half-Life 2 to feature "secular bump-mapping"
5 comments: ADT mag: PHP 5 "ready for the enterprise", but...
2 comments: Amazon DVD rental: Customers who rented "A Clockwork Orange" also enjoyed... "The Fimbles"
1 comments: Amazon recommends: "Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques"
1 comments: Amazon UK (again): Generously offers 2p off when you spend "100,000.00 or more"
1 comments: Amazon UK: "Perfect Partner" to Ford Mondeo Haynes Manual is "Auschwitz, The Nazis and The Final Solution"
1 comments: Amazon UK: Divorce For Dummies given optimistic option to "Add to Wedding List"
1 comments: Amazon UK: Files grisly Yorkshire Ripper book under "Hunting and Fishing", "Humour" categories
4 comments: Amazon UK: illustrates genteel "Ladies In Lavender" drama with horror movie "Bones"
0 comments: Amazon UK: new Hitchhiker's Guide cassette has same plot as "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
1 comments: Amazon UK: Philip Larkin schoolgirl smut acquires new subtitle "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"
7 comments: Amazon UK: provides extensive list of what Garmin GPS unit *doesn't* do
7 comments: Amazon UK: Space Rangers RPG offers "Fully licensed riders, tracks and bikes from the 2004 MotoGP Season", "Quick Race" and "Grand Prix" modes
280 comments: email: "Don't forget Mother's Day" juxtaposed with offers on "Memory, Blank Media and External Hard Drives"
123 comments: offering one of the very earliest guides to "C++ for Java Programmers", published "June 1967"
1 comments: anticipates that Star Trek Animated Series will be released "on December 31, 1969"
170 comments: new Nelly Furtado single tackles taboo subject of "Mat" Eating
1 comments: Amazon: Fuji Digital Camera customers "also shopped for"... Shaven Beauty Mystery
2 comments: Amazon: number 1 in "Retro" DVD Erotica... The Old Grey Whistle Test
3 comments: Amazon: Offering previously undiscovered Shostakovich string quartets "Get It Up" and "I Don't Need Yo' Kiss"
0 comments: Amazon: official synopsis hails Doom-creators as the "Lenin and McCartney" of video games
5 comments: Amazon: out of shaver refills, suggests ones for Black and Decker Strimmer
0 comments: Amazon: postage stamp-sized MicroDrive weighs "16 killograms"
1 comments: Amazon: recommends "Black and Decker Hammer Drill" as related item for Half-Life 2
1 comments: Amazon: Spaced DVD features "Homage-o-meter" and, more worryingly, "Homo-meter"
3 comments: American Diamond: "asdf asdfas asdf" - yours for just $1,000
1 comments: Ananova: "bumper pay package" = 1.25
1 comments: Ananova: Rod Stewart had daughter by "posing nude"
7 comments: name of Bombay neighbourhood derived from word for "fisting village"
2 comments: promises "not a sniff of system meltdown"
4 comments: Argos: shed imitates Spinal Tap's "Stonehenge"
1 comments: test "About Us" page thoughtfully includes "Why Our Feet Smell"
4 comments: AskJeeves: How about a nice game of XBox live?
0 comments: Associated Press: Col "Kurtz" played by Brando
1 comments: Aston Martin: TWatson email abbreviated to...
1 comments: Athens airport: reassures visitors that "All Systems Fail"
0 comments: Bangor News: Abu Ghraib torture not the actions of "rouge soldiers"
1 comments: was 129.97, now only 160
1 comments: BBC Backstage: warns against juxtaposing illicit content with BBC's own "pornographic material, offensive language, or libellous or defamatory statements"
7 comments: BBC Berkshire: "Yadda Yadda" placeholder for Maggie Philbin/ Jim Cathcart breakfast show
4 comments: BBC News Online: What is Laura Bush holding?
25 comments: BBC News search: page description commemorates first 100 days of Tony Blair's reign "as Conservative leader"
542 comments: BBC News: "St Pancreas station"
3 comments: BBC News: Bad spelling "puts off employers" more than you'd think...
38 comments: BBC News: children "less stressed" by school this year, apart from a few Russian ones
2 comments: BBC News: coach crash boy had rare "generic condition"
10 comments: BBC News: Experts developing pill which "does raise" risk of breast cancer
3 comments: BBC News: illustrates page on Serena Williams with... her sister?
1 comments: BBC News: motor behaviours now include "throwing ability" and "moral reasoning"
4 comments: BBC News: nominates Missy Elliot for MTV's Best "hop hop" video award
33 comments: BBC News: nurse killed, union demands "pubic enquiry"
53 comments: BBC News: proudly announces birth of "world's second horse"
34 comments: BBC News: Thames Water blames lack of rainfall on "the company's decision to introduce a ban from Monday"
1 comments: BBC News: UK's fifth largest fuel depot employs a mere "16 people"
1 comments: BBC Shop: not big on "Toys"
1 comments: BBC Sport: fired Zimbabwe cricketers were clearly "not perfuming"
1 comments: BBC Sport: footballer unable to play after "discussion" with Dunfermline
1 comments: BBC Sunday Worship script: tweaks Lord's Prayer to "lead us now into temptation"
1 comments: BBC to Dr Who companions: "Why the wide face?"
12 comments: BBC warns of "heath attacks"
3 comments: BBC: "each glass" a day of wine reduces cancer risk by 13%
1 comments: BBC: "Priests" erupt into violence at hunt protest
1 comments: BBC: adds "bunch of clown" comparison to spelling mistake story
1 comments: BBC: advocates "800,000%" pay rise
1 comments: BBC: Chancellor unveils "30 fund for crime victims"
0 comments: BBC: double negative chat advice
0 comments: BBC: facial reconstruction involves X-rays, "commuter tomography"
1 comments: BBC: graphic unveils Tour De France "15.5km climb" - downhill
1 comments: BBC: Homeland Security division hoped to make US networks "less impervious" to attack
1 comments: BBC: Honours should reward "selfishness"
1 comments: BBC: It looks like he's aiming right at a tiny Iraqi guy
0 comments: BBC: Melvyn Bragg goes in search of the "Higgs Bosun"
1 comments: BBC: Mr Swan becomes "Swab"
1 comments: BBC: no plans "to breed BSE cows for human consumption"
0 comments: BBC: Number 10 visited by representatives of "Ant war" movement
1 comments: BBC: Olympics monitored by satellites "37km above"
5 comments: BBC: Police should use stun guns instead of "less lethal" firearms
3 comments: BBC: scary pic of Spanish prime minister's fangs
1 comments: BBC: Stephen Byers quote delivered by husky puppy
1 comments: BBC: TVR buyer getting younger with every passing day
1 comments: BBC: UKIP now backing "British withdrawal from the UK"
0 comments: BBC: warns of "the treat" of ethnically targeted bioweapons
1 comments: Belkin: product advantages include "Not compatible with iPod mini"
2 comments: promises "40 Days of Corporate Payer"
1 comments: Big Brother: housemate looks forward to "ravaging" blonde
1 comments: Bloomberg: post-convention poll favours the "Democats"
1 comments: BoingBoing: Wired ad promotes feature on artist's "barley controlled" chaos
1 comments: mailout: show your mum you care with tasteful "Bad MF" wallet
5 comments: Brattleboro Reformer: "Sperm stuns Venus Williams"
1 comments: Britannia Music and Video: Edge of Darkness hero is "Yorkshite" detective
1 comments: British Embassy: Somalia travel guide warns of "inter-clam violence"
13 comments: Burger King: "Global average" time taken by customers to run 50 steps = 131979 seconds
1 comments: Bush: "never stops thinking about new ways to harm our country"
1 comments: offers Game Boy cable for one *meelion* dollars
48 comments: Cambridge Evening News: clarifies "Seems like only yesterday" reference with specific date of the previous day
6 comments: Cambridgeshire Constabulary: photo captioned with "please crop picture to headshot"
0 comments: Canadian Forces landmine guide: DFC 19 produces lethal "fagmentation" up to 60m range
1 comments: Cardiff University: small ad offers "Cheap Girls Bile"
1 comments: Channel 4: How Clean Is Your House offers to turn "your palace into a pigsty"
1 comments: comedy placeholder text in "What's your pet worth?" feature
1 comments: ChicoWeb: "professional" web hosting
2 comments: China View: reports massive energy burst "from a neutron" far beyond the Solar system
0 comments: New York Attorney General "shits their attention" to the music industry
0 comments: Christian Science Monitor: Bush uses Sept 11 to bolster his "pubic profile"
0 comments: Cinemas Online: "The Weatherman" listing illustrated with "V For Vendetta"
5 comments: Internet Protocol Version 6 to offer "3 x 1038" unique IP addresses
1 comments: Congressional Institute: page title highlights Department of "Homelad Security"
1 comments: Cornish campsite: promises visitors a "happy, carefree ho"
5 comments: "demolarised" by hard words
1 comments: PowerBook G4 Battery - a snip at only "4,700"
4 comments: Daily Mail: search for "sport" reveals somewhat over-enthusiastic dummy article
1 comments: Daily Telegraph: bemoans "no industry standard for downloadable MP3s"
1 comments: Daily Telegraph: links to British Red Cross Tsunami Disaster "Fun"
6 comments: Dark Horizons: praises "elaborate back story" of Garfield film
1 comments: Deep Discount Dvd: great deal on 1995 straight-to-video actioner "Last Nan Standing"
1 comments: Dell, Gateway sharing stock photography?
1 comments: Dell: generously offers "Money Off NOT included" alternative
1 comments: Dinosaur Coast: implies Bill Atkinson is "Fossil of the Month"
1 comments: Discovery channel: presenter is one of "six children" born in East London
3 comments: Drug company targets "Human Pamplona Virus"
2 comments: invites you to "buy diarrhea online"
1 comments: offers rental at an irresistible "Infinity" cost per day
1 comments: Ebay seller: offers 20GB iPod, everything included - "with dick"
1 comments: eBay user: selling magazines that have been "raped" up in his loft "for the last few years"
4 comments: EMI: "does not install vaporware"
5 comments: where it's all "la-di-da-di-da"
4 comments: Expatica: translates "Das Boot" as "The Boot"
2 comments: illustrates "Prince to open his own Las Vegas nightclub" with pic of - Prince Harry
1 comments: FindArticles/ Journal of Advertising: warns of risks of "bingo drinking"
2 comments: Fine Silver Jewellery store: offers "Hardened Shimmering Ring of Stealth", also "reflects Medium-Range Magic Attacks"
7 comments: A four bedroom house in a previously undesirable area of London can now cost "in excess of 1 billion ($1.9 billion)"
1 comments: Foreign Office: Americans visiting Britain? Does not compute! Abort! Abort!
14 comments: loses users' photographs, gets cheerily helpful Google ads
6 comments: Marvel borrows "$525" to make 10 new superhero movies
1 comments: Global Health and Fitness Newsletter: warns of dangers of hydrogenated "farts"
35 comments: Iranian province crams 2,200,000 population onto a "186,000 square meters" land mass
4 comments: Google feed of Guardian summary: "The Terminal" film takes "1"
21 comments: Google image search: for "Ainsley Harriot" gives different celebrity (with same initials)
1 comments: Google news: Exorcist sequel takes "a better than expected $18"
1 comments: Google News: Lead election story provides perhaps too much personal detail
0 comments: Google News: renames man accused of sword attack
0 comments: Google: tones down visible excitement in Olympics illo
11 comments: Granada ITV region: good turnout for surprisingly controversial topic of "No Poll This Week"
1 comments: depicts Tony Blair as terrifying dead-eyed zombie
1 comments: Guardian: film features "commuter-generated" environments
4 comments: Hilton hotels: apologise for the fact that "United Kingdom ended on March 31, 2005"
5 comments: His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen: cafe offers quick cappuccino, "everyday smack"
1 comments: listing for Al-Jazeera documentary "Control Room" suggests Jethro's "Stark Raving Bonkers" among "Try These..."
4 comments: Holborn Books: was 24.99, yours for just... 24.99
284 comments: HSBC Investments: lets you set up deals over the phone, with "payment and money laundering to follow"
0 comments: icWales: Richard Whiteley memorial service headlined "Plumbers 'worst value for money'" (anag?)
1 comments: Information Week: 54% said "No", 5% were "unsure", 41% said "No" again
1 comments: Intel: new chip offers clock speeds "up to 2.60MHz"
0 comments: International Brotherhood of Prizefighters: analyses Tyson's "lastest" defeat
1 comments: Internet Movie Database: "a man chops off his hand and sends it off to do his bidding", illustrated by more family-friendly film
6 comments: Internet Movie Database: if you enjoy World Championship Snooker, we also recommend "Death In Gaza"
1 comments: Ireland On-Line: "Joey" sitcom celebrates its "17.9" viewers
0 comments: ISP Review: BT entices broadband users with "free fights" offer
1 comments: ITV Tour de France update received "in horror"
0 comments: JavaPolis Conference: for developers, architects, designers and "analists"
1 comments: Job Search: Yorkshire Java Developer wanted, salary: "0.00 per hour"
4 comments: join a "shit team of Engineers working 12 hour shits on a 4-day on/off rotation"
1 comments: Jobsite UK: looking for "excrement" customer facing skills
1 comments: Database Administrator wanted at sub-cockle-picking rate of "4 p/day"
1 comments: John Lewis: one of the few Apple G5s that comes complete with Windows XP
3 comments: Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress: offers three kinds of Policeman Costume if you search for "Pig"
1 comments: KeralaNext: US uses secret weapon on Iraqi fighters - CEO of Microsoft
5 comments: Labour "Proud of Britain" site: showcases best web hosting in the world
0 comments: LinuxWorld expo: to be attended by speaker "Brain Green"
1 comments: LitIdol 2005: For further queries, just call our "YOU MUST AMEND THIS" helpline
0 comments: player departs for "pasteurs new"
2 comments: Macworld: iTunes "99 Euros" per song
0 comments: Hurricane Ivan threatened Florida "Penisula"
0 comments: Metro newspaper quiz: Condoleeza Rice attacked the human rights record of "Venus, Mercury, or Pluto"?
1 comments: Motley Fool hazy on the concept of "almost"
1 comments: MSN Maps: "Quickest Route" across Norway takes in Newcastle, London, Channel Tunnel, Germany...
1 comments: MSNBC: 8-year-old gluten-intolerant girl captioned as "Nixon Speechwriter and Advisor"
3 comments: announces "Woking title" of new Stereophonics album
32 comments: Coldplay set to "mount a South American" early next year
1 comments: Madness to release career retrospective... of 21 Jesus And Mary Chain songs
29 comments: news of Gene Pitney's death includes list of "Upcoming Gigs"
1 comments: Noise science site: inviting votes on the controversial topic of "No poll at the moment"
1 comments: NPR: Federal Communications Commission candidate favours strong "Anti-Decency" fines
0 comments: NTL: illustrates The History Channel with pic of... Yoda?
3 comments: O2: experiencing problems, "apologises for any convenience caused"
1 comments: Odeon Cheltenham: charges students 40p more than everyone else
1 comments: Office World: offers bijou 60 x 45 *mm* whiteboard
4 comments: fails to answer own question
2 comments: Oxford University Physics Dept: explains the two types of "hardon"
3 comments: Pleasanton Real Estate: shows a "good old fashioned servicing" taking place on the lawn
14 comments: Positive Path Network: underlines message of "It's OK to Make a Mistake" article with "Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'"
5 comments: Pravda: Greece buys hovercraft with "incredible" speed of "70 knots (about 130 thousand kilometers per hour)"
1 comments: PrisonPenPals: ad says is in late forties, "but I look 398"
0 comments: Private hospital: treatments include "Finger Removal", "Extra Memory"
2 comments: Radio 1 site: still offering late-night chance to Chat "Live" with John Peel
3 comments: Unfortunately, this week's "Who Cares?" event - has been cancelled
1 comments: Reuters: Brown to lose "right hand man Balls"
0 comments: Reuters: Watchmen comic created by writer Alan Moore, artist "Dave Gibbon"
6 comments: flat in Birmingham boasts "1475 bedrooms"
1 comments: Russian Bee-keeper library: loses it a little towards the end
5 comments: Sainsbury's: out of cotton buds, try St Bruno tobacco?
1 comments: San Jose Mercury News: Wendy's finger tip allegedly found in delicious "bowl of child"
38 comments: customer reviews of MP3 player lament absence of "jizz-proof bag"
6 comments: Say No To 0870 campaign: packed with "how to get an 0870 number" Google ads
1 comments: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: ad sales dept "on fire"
1 comments: not bothering about your website can be "disasterous", consultant ominously warns
1 comments: Showcase Cinemas: warn of "moderate psychological horror and violence" in Wimbledon film
1 comments: Shropshire Star: tribute to son appreciated by "Mr Burton, who is also a motorcycle"
2 comments: Silverlink trains: running normally, engineers working to fix this as fast as possible
1 comments: Sky News: Jack Straw admits Saddam had no Weapons of "Mass Distraction"
5 comments: Sky+ EPG: warns of "Very strong language and sexual scenes" in recent Top Cat episode
1 comments: Sony Pictures: newsletter signup offers popular "Family Horror" genre
1 comments: Stage Front Tickets: unveils surprising new look for Eddie Izzard
1 comments: Sydney Aquatic Centre: invites visitors to sample their "brassiere style" cafe (as opposed to "brasserie")
2 comments: Sydney Morning Herald: Aussies once 1.65cm tall
1 comments: System requirements include "mouse pad"...
2 comments: T-mobile: offers pic of "Katie Holes"
3 comments: T-Shirts Unlimited: floating Flash anim buzzwords include "Friendly", "Efficient", and "Gullible"
4 comments: selling Sean Connery DVD box set "Starring: Alec Baldwin"
4 comments: touting Sony's latest "in-cat" DVD player
1 comments: Tesco: joins "KILL Barney" campaign
1 comments: Tesco: search for "Durex" suggests - a bottle of rum
6 comments: The Celebrity Cafe: new "War Of The Worlds" film set just after Munich Olympics of 1972
2 comments: The Guardian: Microsoft to "go into battle" over 497 Euro fine
1 comments: The Guardian: smoking ban planned for city of "Liverpoo"
215 comments: The Observer: accuses Queen of delivering "pubic requiem" for Princess Di
0 comments: The Observer: breaking news - George Best's condition "improved" (not that it could get much worse)
0 comments: The Register: Branson invites space tourists aboard "SpacShipOne"
1 comments: The Register: EU ruling pleases "anti-software campaigners"
1 comments: The Register: fondly recalls the Sasser virus' "August 2004 outbreak" of "May 2004"
1 comments: The Register: IE flaw gets "dull disclosure"
1 comments: The Register: Mars rover story gets "Rover insurance" Google ad
1 comments: The Scotsman: Jack Straw makes pledge to "Kidnap Briton's Family"
1 comments: The Scotsman: now referring to US president as "Bushy"
850 comments: The Sun: New Brit hostage tape - features "Alien" pop-up bursting out of her head
1 comments: The Tate Collection: captures the less formal side of Queen Elizabeth II
1 comments: The Times: Cassini probe en-route to Saturn - for last 38 years
1 comments: The Times: new version of Windows to process data at a blistering "64 bits per second"
1 comments: TheAge: forthright Australian user registration
1 comments: This Is London: captions Mary Poppins actor as playing "Dick Van Dyke"
1 comments: This Is The North East: author's email address features unexpected implication about sexuality
0 comments: ThisIsLondon/ Evening Standard: football manager Rafael Benitez to "lock hands" with rival Jose Mourinho
46 comments: Tom's Hardware: graphics card market compared to "exotic sport scars"
0 comments: we repeat, do NOT publish on web
1 comments: Tribune Media Services: trumpets exclusive acquisition of "Ask Amy" column more than a week before scheduled publication date
3 comments: TV New Zealand: "Feeding Time" banner apparently mocking Australian shark attack
1 comments: where Windows isn't the only thing that needs tweaking
5 comments: UK financial service hit by terrifying ColdFusion errors
1 comments: Uninstall i Lookup: invites uses to "Lick Here" for anti-spyware software
1 comments: Universal Networks: condemns unbelievers to "An error occurred while processing this directive"
86 comments: Urban Dictionary: accompanies "Unsolicited Finger..." entry with illustrative ad for own clothing brand
0 comments: visMovies cinema listings: warns Polar Express film contains "mild perl"
0 comments: Wagner Society of Dallas: offered lively "Rectal program" for piano and baritone
1 comments: Waitrose Ocado store: selling Cod Liver Oil Capsules "covered in dark and milk chocolate"
1 comments: Washington Post: Blunkett plus dog captioned as "Kimberley and Steven Quinn, at left"
6 comments: Washington Post: invitation to "Dig In"
1 comments: WHSmith: Phone Booth movie features "invisible singer"
215 comments: Wikipedia: entry for "" is gibberish, even by Wikipedia standards
0 comments: Winsor School, Boston: seeks network administrator to maintain a "spam server"
25 comments: Wired News: Taiwan to produce "$32.4 million" of goods using nanotech, 10% of their "$350 billion" economy
4 comments: Wired: Olsen twin's "health-related issue"
1 comments: Yahoo Hot Jobs: at meal interviews, avoid "bards" that could cause embarrassment
6 comments: Yahoo News: commemorates Charles/ Camilla announcement with slideshow of "Dogs At Work And Play"
5 comments: Yahoo News: Even by Gere's standards, showering "actress AIDS" on a crowd represents a depraved new low
1 comments: Yahoo News: illustrates Kate Bush story with pic of slightly less shrill celebrity, George
4 comments: Yahoo News: Regis Philbin kicks off slideshow of "Dinosaurs and/ or Fossils"
1 comments: Yahoo news: US election coverage includes headlines about ex-"Atomic Kitten", Kerry McFadden
9 comments: Yahoo Personals: woman looking for "rear" love, marriage
0 comments: Yahoo proposes "image censors" for Japanese cars
1 comments: Yahoo unveils grittier, edgier Harry Potter
6 comments: Yahoo/ Reuters: Russian may win $1million - or 560 million pounds
1 comments: Yahoo/AP photos: records "game-winning shit" by Team USA
3 comments: Yahoo: search for NBC recommends "decontamination eyebaths"
1 comments: DVD for just US$1,157.99
1 comments: Zaman Online: embassies of both "Denmark and Norwich" set on fire
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